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Relax and Learn to Improve Your Aim

Many golf strokes, basket ball shots and penalty
kicks have missed the target because the shooter
was "nervous".    On such occasions the shooter is
often stressed with anxiety.  This causes sweating,
tension in muscles and even feelings of panic in
some players.

When faced with this situation the secret is to
relax.  Let your muscles sag and your body feel
limp. In your mind, go quickly from your frowning
forehead to your tensed toes.  Tell each set of
muscles to ease up and relax.   Then take careful
aim for the hole, basket, specific point in the goal
net or whatever your target may be.    In your
relaxed imagination see the ball travel slowly to
strike the target.

Make a mental movie of this before starting into
your shot.  Keep the image for about thirty
seconds and tell yourself you can do it.  Practise
this routine before each game.  It does work !    
Concentrate easily by relaxing.    Relax and learn to
improve your game.

The same principles may be applied to any sport or
competitive event in which you wish to improve
your performance.

Keep in mind it is essential that you relax to learn!

Golf is such a holy game,
For men with little balls.
Who often take the holy name,
With other uncouth calls.

They walk around with club in hand,
Just like their stone-age brothers.
And when their shot lands in the sand,
They could be disowned by their mothers.

If they sink a shot with five or more,
You'd think their cat was dead.
But if you hear them shouting "FORE!"
You'd better duck your head.

Those eighteen holes cause such commotion,
That when they reach the final tee.
Those small balled men have just one notion,
"To the nineteenth for a G and T!"
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