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The main purpose of this site is to help students anywhere to learn anything, anytime they wish to assimilate new

From the moment of our conception we have been learning. Most of our learning has been done without
conscious effort on our part.  Most of us learned to walk and speak at least one language by the time we were
seven years old.

Why then, you may ask, do I sometimes feel that the learning task I have been set by others is such a chore of
drudgery ?  Simply because you have told yourself this is the case.  If you wish to learn new football skills and
you are a keen player you will take on this task and thoroughly enjoy the process of learning by playing.

attitude to what you learn can make or break your efforts. The student who must cover seven or eight
subjects will have some topics which they love and perhaps some which they loathe.  To overcome the hardship
caused by a negative attitude to any learning experience we must alter our thinking about this subject.  This can
be done quite simply by considering the "BIG PICTURE".   Look beyond the present hardship and see yourself in
the near future with the new sports car or yacht.  Visualise yourself as the succesful film star or super athlete
made possible by you overcoming your mental gremlins.  Hold this scene in your mind's eye for about thirty
seconds each day, then move on.  Guard against perpetual daydreaming by consciously wiping the image from
your mind and getting on with realising your ambitions.
Many young trainee
footballers do not enjoy the
sessions which need to be
spent at the theory of
football.  Yet they realise the
coach has ideas which can
only be imparted by speaking
and using diagrams.
These young live-wires will sit
listening to their mentors with
their fullest attention. They
realise that in order to excel at
their chosen profession they
must follow the adage
      Good Study Habits

For those who study on a regular basis (full or part-time students) some simple advice will help greatly

(1)  Choose a location without distraction eg your local library or a quiet room.

(2)  Schedule a daily time.  Break your learning into short periods. Half an hour is ideal for each subject or
session, followed by a seven to ten minute break for a walk in the fresh air.  Early morning sessions usually
eliminate distractions from people who may unwittingly cause problems by interruptions during the evening
or at night, also your brain will be clearer and fresher after a good nights sleep.

(3) Make your own written notes, very curt with about ten words for each point.  Read over these before
sleeping or read into a tape recorder.    Playing this recording by your bedside as you relax  before sleeping
will help your subconscious mind capture the information to your memory with minimum effort.

(4)  Use affirmations often.  Tell yourself you have a good memory and can learn easily.  If your memory

bad this is due to bad "programming" in your past.  Perhaps someone unwittingly told you  your
memory was bad or you are not good at maths. This type of comment can undermine self confidence with
disastrous results.  However it is easily reversed by using your own thoughts to ridicule the remarks made
by this "sensless moron" or whatever you like to
think of this person as.
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Helping Children to Relax and Learn

Children are better able to relax while learning, than adults.    They have fewer inhibitions concerning their own
abilities.   Children learn naturally while playing.    As a rule their imaginations are more vivid than adult's.   It is
use of their imagination which helps them remember details.  Many publications for children - considered by
adults as frivolous - greatly enhance their understanding of the world around them.  These will help them relax
and learn as they play and become entranced by the wonders of  this magnificent, colourful, fun filled world in
which we live.  
We imagine that learning and memorising becomes difficult with age.  This is due to tensions and pressures or
"baggage" we fill our brains with as we go through life.  
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